Welcome to your e-portfolio

Mahara is the Loughborough College e-portfolio system, that you will have access to throughout your studies.  It offers you a personal area to collect and reflect on both personal and academic developments.  Mahara is a space that you can control, any content you produce, such as reflective journals and webpages will only be accessible to yourself unless you decide to share the content with others, they could be fellow students, tutors or the wider online community.  As part of your studies, you may be asked to create and formally submit assessed work through Mahara,  however your tutor will guide you on how to do this as required.

In addition to the personal features of Mahara you will have the opportunity to collaborate with others both socially and academically.  You can make friends, create groups, participate in forums and work collaboratively to create easy-to-build web pages using the same sorts of skills used to browse the internet.  

This front page is known as your Dashboard which you can customise in the Portfolio section; however before you do this you should get started by clicking on the Content section to update your personal Profile.  You should also review your privacy settings to ensure you are happy with the default options set for you. 

If you have not used Mahara before you may also benefit from watching the following clip that reminds you how to access Mahara and shows you how to navigate the site.

Introduction to Mahara video

Create and collect

Develop your portfolio

Update your profile
Upload your files
Create your C.V.
Publish a journal


Showcase your portfolio

Organise your portfolio into pages. Create different pages for different audiences - you choose the elements to include.

Share and network

Find friends and join groups

Find friends
Join groups
Control your privacy
Discuss topics